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      • TUT Trainer™ Tower
      • Aluminum Curl Bar
      • Carabiner
      • Wall Mount Plates (2)
      • TUT Plates™ (Dynamic Resistance Bands): 2 x 5lbs., 2 x 10lbs., 6 x 20lbs.
      • Ankle Straps (2)
      • Single Handles (2)
      • Rope Clip/Cable Lock (not in photo)
      • Over 75 Exercises
      • FREE SHIPPING ($59 Value)

      YOUTH &

      The argument is over. Science show this genre of exercise not only builds muscle fiber and raises metabolism…it delivers youth. Human beings that utilize rapid training like TUT don’t just live longer…they live longer in younger metabolic bodies. You deserve one.


      A broader shoulder line and a narrower waist not only mean better fitting clothes…the ratio of shoulder width to narrow waist creates attraction. That would be alright, right?


      Tone is developed with TUT at the same time flexibility can be increased. The result is powerful in feeling alive in your body.

      A Healthy Body Performs.

      ...IS GOOD

      TUT is a complete health system that will change with you over. Lifetime as your needs and body change. It adapts easily and fast. Like you.

      You will use it daily at home to fight aging, find fitness and ensure you have the tools to come back from sports injuries and setbacks that are inevitable in a healthy life.

      This is your lifelong tool for health, strength, fitness and youth.