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THETUT02 Trainer™ Tower / Rower™ Combination

The TUT Trainer™ Gym uses resistance bands to provide workouts that are both effective and easy on your joints. There are no heavy weights to move around and no spare room needed to set it up.

If you have a wall or a doorway, you can have a complete home gym. The TUT Trainer Tower quickly and easily attaches to wood studs or any door frame and takes up no space at all.

Weighing less than 12 lbs, and extends less than 6” from the wall, the TUT Trainer is a home gym like no other. It doesn’t need to be plugged in or charged. It’s always ready to go whenever you are.

Let the TUT Training App guide you while our Trainers motivate you during your workouts.


The TUT Rower™ provides a great cardio workout. Having upper and lower body tensioning means you must push to accelerate then equally resist to decelerate.

The compound effect of having to equally push and pull provides an exhausting workout in less time than traditional cardio.


Faster, more efficient cardio sessions means you can get in a workout, then get on with your day.

Once you’re done with your workout, the TUT Rower easily detaches and can be stored standing up against the wall, or slipped under your bed or couch.

You can also get creative with your Rower and use it like a reformer for a killer ab workout to end your session.

Let the TUT Training App guide you while our Trainers motivate you during your workouts.


• Weighs 11.6 lbs with easy assembly / disassembly, portability & set up
(can attach to any wall or door frame)
• Scientifically proven system increases and changes the load through
the movement pattern of an exercise
• Features an App that will guide the user through multiple exercises
and/or multiple training regimens


TUT Trainer™ Tower, Aluminum Curl Bar, Carabiner, Wall Mount Plates,  Ankle Straps (2), Single Handles (2), Rope Lock, 150 lbs of TUT Plates™ - Resistance Bands (6 x 20lbs; 2 x 10lbs; 2 x 5lbs), Door Clamps

1 Rower™, TUT Plates™ (Resistance Bands) 3 x 20lbs; TUT Trainer Tower Connector

TIER 1 TUT Training App

Does Not Include Accessories such as the Vertical Jump Belt and Power Bar.